Teacher Pedagogy

Teachers are not just educators; they are key role models, who can influence the attitudes, values and behaviours of their pupils. A positive role model serves an example- inspiring children to live productive life.

At IFS, ongoing professional development is mandatory for all the teachers, to fulfill this goal. Teachers are confident and capable to meet the following standards.

  1. They model the highest standards of ethical conduct in their interactions with the school community.
  2. They make a positive contribution to the wider life and ethos of the school.
  3. They demonstrate knowledge and understanding of how students learn and how this impacts on teaching.
  4. They demonstrate secure content knowledge and pedagogy to plan coherent, authentic and engaging learning programmes and lessons.
  5. They orientate their students and ensure they are ready to learn.
  6. They use effective teaching strategies to motivate, challenge and extend student learning.
  7. They use a range of assessment strategies to inform next steps in the teaching and monitor learning process and to provide timely, accurate and constructive feedback.
  8. They use summative assessment to understand student progress and attainment.
  9. They manage time effectively and ensure the classroom is free from disruption.
  10. They demonstrate effective use of digital technologies to extend learning to enhance student knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding.


ifs Vision

To foster professional dispositions that help the learners to recognize and utilize the “funds of knowledge” of culturally and linguistically diverse communities.