Chairman/CEO's Message

I have immense pleasure to communicate with you through this column. Schooling aims at making children capable of becoming responsible, productive and useful members of the society. We expect to create a school culture where all students strive for academic excellence as defined by IGCSE scoring proficient. The international curriculum does not mean that the students are expected to alienate themselves from their own tradition and cultures. Education at IFS develops among the students a global outlook and perspective while maintaining respect for their homeland.

We are pleased to see that IFS is continuing to grow from strength to strength with each passing year. We also feel extremely blessed to have our school enriched with talented, well qualified experienced teachers well versed in their subjects. With the blessings of the Almighty and as result of dedication and hard work of the staff, the school has been able to successfully progress, realizing its goals and vision.

We call upon all parents to contribute whole-heartedly for their childrens’ future because the school needs your support so that the students can be guided along the right path at all times. We shall seek your active co-operation in the development of world leaders of tomorrow who emerge from this institution. When a child joins IFS we do more than a student – we take in a family. I am sure when we look back at our time and efforts spent in carving a future for these children we will remember each passing day with pride and satisfaction for the contributions made to the future of our children.

I appreciate and thank all parents for their sustained support and all IFS staff for their dedication and hard work.


Mr. Ahmed Al Ghamdi


ifs Vision

To foster professional dispositions that help the learners to recognize and utilize the “funds of knowledge” of culturally and linguistically diverse communities.