About us

International Future School, (IFS) Dammam was founded on 3rd October 1998 by the Chairman and Owner Mr. Ahmed Al-Ghamdi. IFS is licensed by the Ministry of Education, Kingdom of Saudi rabia License No. 520-3660 for Kinder Garten, Primary and Lower Secondary School and offering Cambridge Curriculum at all Levels with CAIE (Cambridge AssessmentInternational Education) endorsed resources in collaboration with BritishCouncil.

The school aims to provide an atmosphere of personal growth in which each student may develop his/her intellectual, social and spiritual potentialities. The school attempts to involve the parents of the students in understanding the school system and its objectives so that both teachers and parents can work together to build critical foundational skills of every student.

The school seeks to instill in students rational, moral and spiritual values that can lead to true freedom, based on the promise that both the young and society have rights and responsibilities. Every attempt is made to encourage personal initiative and setting of goals, consonant with individual personality and talents. Each student is taught to prepare himself /herself for fruitful and ambitious life after his/her education.

Facilities offered

  • Spacious classrooms equipped with projectors and high-speed internet to facilitate digital & interactive learning environment.
  • Activity Rooms for Co-Curricular Activities.
  • Well-resourced computer labs.
  • Libraries.
  • Science Labs equipped with essential apparatus & instruments.
  • Prayer Rooms.
  • Clinic and Nursing room.
  • An adventure play area for Kinder Garten pupils as well as vast playgrounds for boys and girls Section separately.
  • Transportation facilities for the students to numerous areas.


The Academic section is headed by the Academic Director, who works in close liaison with the Administrative staff and Subject-Supervisors of every section. They are in turn responsible for planning the curricular and non-curricular activities with the support of teaching and non-teaching staff. The whole staff works as a team to meet the needs of our students, thus enhancing the quality of learning and teaching at IFS.

Working hours

Kinder Garten Section: Sunday to Thursday: 7.30 am to 11.45 am

Primary & Lower Secondary Section: Sunday to Thursday: 7.30 am to 1.30 pm


ifs Vision

To foster professional dispositions that help the learners to recognize and utilize the “funds of knowledge” of culturally and linguistically diverse communities.